Teresa Oman

Woollahra, Sydney Australia

Photography / Cybele Malinowski

Model / Teresa Oman @ The Agency Models

Makeup / Ania Milczarczyk

Hair / Iggy  using Bumble and Bumble

Retouching / Justin Malinowski

/////// Interview with Cybele and Teresa ////////

Cybele – Hey Teresa! How are you! What have you been up to since our shoot? Where are you right now?

Teresa – Long time no chat!!!!  Ive just arrived  back in sunny Sydney after having an absolute blast overseas for 5 months. 

Tell me about the maison we shot in for model-maison.

The pussy manor ! A wonderful abode with 3 happy ladies and two happy kitties. 

Where was the house?

Edgecliff (Sydney) close to the water !

Who did you live with?

Two of my bestest friends- Chels and Sarah. We go back to high school days! 

What was your favourite spot in the house?

Snuggled up in bed with my wonderful ladies

What was your local cafe and bar?

Chargrill Charlie’s- the devil wings are absolutely amazing 

And tell me about those two cute kittens! 

Tabby and francoise!!!! Pretty sisters that Sarah rescued. Francoise is pretty posh so sometimes we call her French sauce too. Tabs on the other hand is a little more shameless.

If you were Milo and Otis, and you had to trek across mountains and rivers to get home, where is home sweet home? Where does your heart lie?

Lennox head At my parents house. It’s an absolute sanctuary! You really start to appreciate growing up next to the beach when your in these massive cities all the time.

If you are Milo? Who is Otis?

Miss Sarah Marland. She’s the one !

Where is your favourite second home? Tell me about it. Why do you love it? 

I love being in Sydney, it’s such a luxury to have the city beach combination.

Tell me about the first house you lived in. What are your earliest memories of it?

It was on the Sunshine Coast- I definitely remember the German Christmases. Speaking of- not long now !!!

If you could build a fantasy model-maison home, anywhere in the world, where the only limit was your imagination- not even gravity would get in the way, tell me all about it. I want details. 

A beautiful big home on an avocado farm on theSouth Island of New Zealand. There would be a massive disco room where Austin powers always hosts the party, red and white mushrooms growing everywhere, giant aquariums, a trampoline room and a big lake to go kayaking on- just to name a few things. Pretty much a beautiful and picturesque sanctuary of FUN !

Haha can I come?! I  had so much fun on our shoot styling you – your clothes are a mix vintage and rare eclectic pieces . Tell me about your most rare/unique garment. Where did you get it from? If it had a past life, what do imagine that was?

I love collecting pieces on my travels. You find the most amazing and exotic stuff plus wearing it is a wonderful reminder of the place you visited. My favorite most special piece is a jacket I bought in India. It has beautiful bright embroidery of peacocks, flowers and Hindu symbols all over it. It’s also still a little dirtied up with orange soil.  I know that in it’s life before mine it was made with lots of time and love by someone who is probably very special. 

It’s hard to find unique clothes in this global world. Where is your favourite destination for shopping? 

India was by the far best ! The market shopping was insane. You can get everything ! One-off Bollywood pieces you find whilst rummaging out the back of a store, beautiful crystals and some interesting camel leather just to name a few things. However, For second hand clothes shopping I feel America is the winner !

As a model, there is a lot of travelling. What are the most important things that you take with you, no matter where you are in the world.

My cow boy hat I bought in Nashville, it’s my adventure hat !Some moisturizer  to keep the skin hydrated, a camera and an open mind.

What is it about modelling that you find most rewarding?

Traveling and meeting amazing new people.

Any advice to girls and boys who are starting out in the industry? Something you wish someone told you when you started?

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as you’d think. It’s a serious job, but you have to remember to always have fun.

When you are modelling, and the shoot is shit for whatever reason, what do you say in your head to get through the day? Do you sing? Or just zone out?

I haven’t had any bad shoots yet which is bloody brilliant.  sometimes if a person your working with is giving you some negative kind of vibes -I just try to stay positive and block it out!

What’s next for you? Anything fun planned for 2015? 

Definitely some more film work! I have such a blast with that and most definitely a lot more traveling !

What is your song for 2014? 

Chicken fried – zac brown band

What do you wear around the house when I’m not there photographing your every move?

Usually some ridiculous kind of outfit bright comfy outfit that makes me look like I’m 12  !

Thanks so much for your time Teresa. YOU ROCK!

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