Inka Williams

Bali, Indonesia


When I started model-maison, in the Paddington bedroom of a dear friend of mine, Rebecca Victoria, I knew that this was something special. Shooting models in the privacy of their own bedroom, the sanctuary of their own homes. It brings something honest and intimate out, by working in the personal spaces of the illusive world of models. I dreamt it would take me to far off places, exotic locations, distant cities. And it has. Shanghai, Kiev, LA, NYC, London. Well here’s a shoot that stands out amongst the nearly 50 shoots I have worked on under model-maison.

Inka Williams, is everything her internet persona suggests. A beautiful Bali beach babe. She lives in the palatial home of her parents in Bali, and it was true paradise. I never wanted the shoot to end. It did however, ended abruptly after a wave sprayed black sand all over her, but she was so gracious, and was willing to continue to shoot, but we have more than enough in the bag.  We both showered off the black sand in a beachside shower, and I raced to the airport from there. It was a dream shoot, and the team I worked with – Maikhanh (styling) and Tamika (HMUA) went above and beyond helping me find my feet in a new country, and Yasmin Suteja was a doll hooking me up with such a talented team.  As for Inka, she was kind, funny, generous and her family were so welcoming.

I have another shoot we shot in Bali, in a jungle hut with an Aussie beauty, keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you all xx


Photography Cybele Malinowski

Styling Maikhanh Bertrand

HMU Tamika Munro


Styling credits

Image 1&2 – top  DYSPNEA  jeans -DE NÎMES

Image 3&4 – top DYSPNEA  bottom  MHKnue

Image 7 – top  SHAKUHACHI bra and panties MKHnue

Image 8- top SHAKUHACHI panties CALVIN KLEIN

Image 9- sweater KENZO batik scarf OE

Image 10,11&12 – one piece Vintage sunglasses PARED eyewear

Image 13&14 bikini model’s own, jeans DE NÎMES sunglasses PARED eyewear

Image 15 bikini SOMMER swimwear